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High - Level Entrepreneurs, Speakers, &


        Get Published,

Get Publicized,

Get Profitable!

It’s Your Time to Step Into the Spotlight! 

It's no BS, any marketer that remotely wants additional Exposure, Credibility, Authority, Fans, Followers, Lead Generation, Joint Ventures, More Income, and Sponsors needs a Publicist.

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Loved by Many

Checkout out what people say about Andrea. 


"She is the master when it comes to publicity" , "If you want you, and your business out there, she is the one and only to work with, Ms. Andrea!"

Jay Johnson

Global Business Consultant

Such a Great Lady..

"She has the ability to be able to connect you with the interviews, the podcasts, the shows that you want to be on,.."

Andrew Schlag

Founder of A&A Home Buyers LLC

She never ceases to amaze me..

"If you're feeling stuck or just feeling like there's opportunity you can't quite figure out? I highly recommend you have a conversation with Andrea..."

Dustin Matthews

Personal finance enthusiast

What We Offer.

                                             Are You Ready to be Seen & Heard On Radio, Television & Magazines?

    Get your Products and Services out there

    Our mission is to serve authors, entrepreneurs, and speakers to fulfill their dreams to be seen and heard in radio, television, and magazines. You have a great message, a fabulous product, and a superb service! 

    It’s time that other people know about it, right? 

    Be Heard, Be Known

    We help you get published, get publicized, and be profitable while sharing your message and services that change the course of others lives! 

    Step into the Limelight

    We specialize in helping coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, entertainers, speakers, and trainers get out into the limelight where your audience, clients, fans, and followers can find you!  

The 7 Day #LivingRED Challenge

We developed our proprietary “Living RED: Relevance, Enthusiasm, & Delivery™️” System that propels us to do that.

What's the Living RED™️ System?

Well, It's kind of like being a Kardashian in the news all over the place, except you have a positive message, your a respected role model, and you change the course of the world for the better with your products and services…

  • Your message, mission, product, and services deserve the limelight

  • Let us brag about you, the right way to the right people.

  • So that you can attract the client, fans, and followers you only dared todream about and desire!

Don't Waste Your TIme!

You are likely told all the time to get a Publicist, but no one tells you that you are just wasting your time unless you call the right person with the right system who cares about you and your business as much as you do.  

Profit Today!

Being profitable with your publicity and publishing is all about real relationships and building social capital, 

and that’s what the Living RED™ System allows us to do for you.

A Step Away for Change

It is now time to have a proven mentor to help as a Speaker, An Author & An Entrepreneur

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About Andrea

Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller, 2x Ph.D., CMNLP, CHT, CBP, CNP, aka The Dream Maker, is an International Award Winning International Publicist, Business Consultant, & Sponsorship Acquistionist who leads others to manifest their dreams bigger than they ever dared to dream possible.

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I Guarantee!

I will be the EASIEST speaker you have ever worked with. I often hold my own events and I understand that, as a meeting planner, you have a lot on your mind. You want a speaker who will show up on time, who will fire up your group, and will make sure everything goes off without a hitch. ANDREA will do all this and all this and so much more, GUARANTEED!

I Double Guarantee!

 I will make you look good. I guarantee that after I get done on stage, the leader of your group will walk up to you and THANK YOU for bringing me in. Believe me…this will happen.

Bottom line – I am looking forward to working with you and your group.


As a positive force of energy, Andrea whirls around in your sphere wearing many hats to make the right connections, devise the best solutions, and implement the smartest marketing ploys to increase your authority, credibility, and income in more ways than one! The ideas are limitless!

My Story

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